Web Design

Don’t Have a Website? Need a New Design? No Problem!

Designs Connexion is here to help you through the process. We’ll create a design following the newest guidelines for optimal user experience. WordPress uses the latest web technologies. With wordpress, you can be assured that your website will be fast, secure, Google friendly and optimized for results.

Having an internet presence is very important in this day and age. It can work as part of your advertising. A website has the potential of increasing your company’s professional image by giving more public visibility of your company’s uniqueness and the value it can add to others.

At Designs Connexion we think of your website as a potential employee that has the ability to work for you 24×7. And one that has the capability of helping you go global. Today’s dynamic business demands, at your fingertips, a workforce that can have immediate familiarity and expert knowledge of your product or service. Your company can’t afford to continually expend the effort required to keep each of your employees up to date. Linear learning is not enough. You don’t want to be without a “residual employee”. A residual employee works around the clock. You only pay them once yet you continue to reap the benefits.

Once your website is in place, you continue to make money based on your initial efforts while acquiring time to devote to other things. Producing outstanding results couldn’t be easier. Call Designs Connexion today to find out how you can implement your very own 24×7 “residual employee”. We believe in giving your company an online presence and the “curb appeal” it deserves to help reach your potential marketplace.

See our Design Process.

Professional Web Design & Internet Marketing
Be seen, gain trust, and increase revenue through…
1. Increased traffic to your site
2. Higher credibility from a better first impression
3. Enhanced presentation of what you do
4. High quality design with more visits that result in sales
5. Mobile ready designs that convert to whatever device being used

* More visitors, more customers
* Stand out from the competition
* Reliability and a trusted partnership that works with you
* Increased Search engine ranking
* Better recognition and effectiveness
* 24×7 Visibility