Graphic Design

Advertising is a big way to highlight your company in all of it’s glory and all of it’s potential. To deliver your message with eye popping graphics in a physical way. And to professionally present your business in a tangible way. It’s your way of being able to leave a piece of your company behind with a potential client.

Your first and best way to get on the good side and memorable side of a prospective client is with you honestly and sincerely taking an interest in that client. There’s no better way to leave a good impression. Now back that up with a flyer, a business card, and/or a brochure. What a great way to enhance that initial meeting with a physical presence that can be left behind.

Why would that client want to follow up with you and not the other companies they’ve come in contact with? Here at Designs Connexion we love being a part of helping you make that initial good impression. We make it our purpose to integrate ourselves with your company to help enhance your message and that initial meeting with potential clients, helping create potential future growth for your company.

Designs Connexion software of choice and industry standard is the Adobe Creative Suite. Using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver, we can deliver top notch designs to meet your companies standard of excellence.

See our Design Process.

Here is some of what we can design for you…

* Flyers
* Logos
* Letterheads
* Business Cards

* Brochures
* Foam Core Wallboard Displays
* Banners
* Yard Signs

* Billboards
* Posters
* Post Cards