Design Process

Every design project is first started by meeting with the client. It’s our goal to get to know you and your needs. The initial meeting is where we get all your thoughts and requirements for the project out in the open. We need to know your intended market and the ultimate goal you had in mind for the underlying design
Here we determine the arrangement and the framework by which to construct the initial layout. We want to make sure that we have the correct meaning of your goal and have a total understanding of how to structure the design and to properly convey the desired outcome of the project.
Now that it has been determined how the project will be laid out, the design process continues. After we take all of your thoughts and requirements from the initial meeting and structure the project. We come up with a color palette for the design. Most of the time the color palette will be determined by an existing logo and theme that you’ve been using unless it was determined in our initial meeting and requirements that you want to go a different direction. With the colors and architecture decided, we go to work on the first digital layout construction of your design.
By this stage an initial design is completed and an additional meeting is set-up for approval of the design. This meeting doesn’t necessarily have to be done in person since we will have already put the initial design in a digital format for client viewing. From this point the design is either approved or not. If approved, we move to stage 5. Rarely but, occasionally a second design or rework of the first is needed, if it is determined that arrangement, structure, or the color palette has changed.
The design has been approved. Now comes the part where it’s determined how much print work is needed. You decide all the places it will be used. Will it go on your website too (if you have one). Can it be used in more than one function? Up to this step we only have a design but now, at this step, the design actually becomes alive. It jumps to the printed page. Now let’s move to the final step.
Congratulations on your new design. It is now being mailed, displayed, and marketed. Now you have presence and customers can see what you’re all about. The design can make a difference and help you communicate to your target market. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of helping your company to grow to the next level. We’re sure you’ll see your effectiveness increased because now you have that “wow factor” that people look for and strive to achieve in this media driven digital age.