Remote Monitoring & Management

Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

Small businesses can have large business protection. Through a quality RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) package, the end-user can have a plethora of tools that protect, secure, monitor, and maintain all their IT assets.

Imagine knowing everything that is connected to your network and knowing all the details about every single one of those things. The systems details (and a ton of other info) of all the computers, printers, smart phones, scanners, network devices, etc… And, imagine knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly about every one of them too.

RMMs monitor and maintain with patching and running constant checks on system statuses. They can have added protection and security with Web Protection and Managed Antivirus to keep all your systems protected and constantly scanned and all the definitions up to date for the latest protection.

“Managed services can allow companies to focus more of their IT resources on projects specific to meeting their business objectives instead of having to baby-sit there equipment.”

RMMs can have built in backup capability or easily plug in third party backups to keep all your critical file safe, in the cloud, and encrypted. Designs Connexion has had many opportunities to save a user Data when a hard-drive was going bad and was able to detect it before the system went totally down. Ideally, if the end-user would have had a backup and using the full capability of the RMM we wouldn’t have had to do what we ended up doing. (In this particular case, we had to “cross our fingers” and hope that we would be able to “mirror image” the hard-drive before it died.) We would have just used a good backup to restore to a new hard-drive had they been using the RMM to it’s fullest. But, even in this case the RMM came to the rescue because we could see the hard-drive was faulty from the monitoring and system reports that the RMM gives.

“MSP Backup & Recovery is optimized for fast, remote backup and recovery within the most challenging environments, and without the need of purchasing any hardware.”

There are plenty of RMMs out there. Some very user friendly, some hard to use. It really all comes down to the preference of the end-user, in this case your IT person.

Get with your IT Person/Company and check into getting your business setup with the proper tools to keep you protected.

Backup Your Important Files

A computer hard drive can fail at any time. There are signs that it could be happening and your computer support person should be called immediately to mitigate the issue by taking quick action. So when a hard drive does fail, all your documents, pictures, music, and videos, can be lost and in many instances are unable to be recovered. If recoverable, many times it costs lots of money. Always make sure to have backups of all your important files just in case your hard drive dies.

Traditional Backup Versus Business Continuity

Plan better for your business.

Data protection solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes to implement.

There is big importance of business continuity rather than simply backing up. Also downtime is real and it’s costly. How costly exactly? Depending on the size of the organization, the cost per hour of downtime can be astronomical.

So what is business continuity? Simply put, it’s the ability for a business to keep running (at a predefined, acceptable level) after some kind of disruptive incident or event has occurred. So planning has to take place before some sort of disaster occurs and this planning is increasingly important as more and more businesses rely on technology.

What causes downtime? Network outages and human error account for a majority of downtime.. Meanwhile, natural disasters account for only a small percent of downtime. As it turns out, businesses should be more worried about their own employees and less of natural disasters. If you’ve been putting off data protection because your organization is located far from any brutal and/or severe weather, be warned: the bigger threat could be inside not outside.