Customer Satisfaction

You better believe it's important!

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It’s amazing to me when I see companies that don’t give good and trustworthy service. I’m not sure how they expect to get any reoccurring business from a customer when they put the customer in a position of questioning whether they can trust them or not. Designs Connexion has always taken the stand that when we go to work for a customer, we become that customer. What does that mean? It means that we have the best interest for that client and for their company. I don’t ever want a customer to be put in a position of questioning whether they can trust us.


Be there when needed. The customer should not have to wait for extended periods of time to get your help. They need to know that when they call you that their issue or need is done and/or scheduled in a timely manner.


Say what you do and do what you say. Make decisions based on the good of the client. Be open and honest in all of your dealings and make sure the customer knows that you truly care and want to know if they have any concerns.

Top Notch Work

Designs Connexion makes sure that we only work with first rate vendors to supply tools needed to give our customers the type of service and capability they deserve.  Remote monitoring and management tools, Antivirus and Anti-Malware products, Maintenance and cleanup tools, Backup and File-sync, Marketing and design tools, and the list goes on. We want to make sure that you hold us in high regard to be willing to refer us to others you know.

Friendly Service

We treat each of our customers as important. Not one is more important than another. Although jobs have to be prioritized, that prioritization is based on availability of the client and organized according to possible impact on the company. When I talk with customers, I make sure that they understand what is being communicated and make them feel that their concerns are properly handled with a smile and compassionate service.

Great customer service is a must if you want to grow your business. Because ultimately, your business is not going to grow unless you help theirs grow too. 🙂

“The customers perception of you is everything. If they perceive that you can’t be trusted then to them it is true. You have to show and exude trust to gain it.”


Remote Monitoring & Management

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Small businesses can have large business protection. Through a quality RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) package, the end-user can have a plethora of tools that protect, secure, monitor, and maintain all their IT assets.

Imagine knowing everything that is connected to your network and knowing all the details about every single one of those things. The systems details (and a ton of other info) of all the computers, printers, smart phones, scanners, network devices, etc… And, imagine knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly about every one of them too.

RMMs monitor and maintain with patching and running constant checks on system statuses. They can have added protection and security with Web Protection and Managed Antivirus to keep all your systems protected and constantly scanned and all the definitions up to date for the latest protection.

“Managed services can allow companies to focus more of their IT resources on projects specific to meeting their business objectives instead of having to baby-sit there equipment.”

RMMs can have built in backup capability or easily plug in third party backups to keep all your critical file safe, in the cloud, and encrypted. Designs Connexion has had many opportunities to save a user Data when a hard-drive was going bad and was able to detect it before the system went totally down. Ideally, if the end-user would have had a backup and using the full capability of the RMM we wouldn’t have had to do what we ended up doing. (In this particular case, we had to “cross our fingers” and hope that we would be able to “mirror image” the hard-drive before it died.) We would have just used a good backup to restore to a new hard-drive had they been using the RMM to it’s fullest. But, even in this case the RMM came to the rescue because we could see the hard-drive was faulty from the monitoring and system reports that the RMM gives.

“MSP Backup & Recovery is optimized for fast, remote backup and recovery within the most challenging environments, and without the need of purchasing any hardware.”

There are plenty of RMMs out there. Some very user friendly, some hard to use. It really all comes down to the preference of the end-user, in this case your IT person.

Get with your IT Person/Company and check into getting your business setup with the proper tools to keep you protected.

Overkill or Cost-effective and still effective?

What are you trying to accomplish at your place of business? I have seen it too many times, an IT company comes in and gives the client, what they think they need but it ends up being, way more than they actually need.

What Do I Mean By Overkill?

Do you need a firewall? Probably. But do you need a hardware or software firewall or both. One or the other will probably suffice. Now which one, hardware or software based? Depends on how much control you actually need. For most people, a software firewall will do the trick but either would be great. I certainly don’t think you necessarily need both though.

Do you need a server? That all depends. Some businesses only need a dedicated workstation/pc that we’re calling a “server”. If you don’t need the capability of locking down all your users to a certain “area” of your business , then you may not need an actual server with Active Directory. Active Directory allows you to create domain user accounts, sub-accounts, domains (among other things), etc… but if you don’t need that level of security, internally, then you may not need an actual server.

I have several clients currently setup with a “beefy” workstation/pc working as their “server” that is housing the database of whatever software they’re using. If you’re business is in the Dental, Orthodontic, or Chiropractic for instance, most times you can get away with just a dedicated workstation. All it takes is a simple call to the company supplying the software for your business.

Cost Effective and Effective

When searching for the ideal workstation/pc, a lot depends on the amount of access and daily use. The idea is to get a pretty decent machine with plenty of RAM (for multi-tasking or multiple access) and plenty of Hard-Drive space (for storage). At least a gigabit Ethernet card for faster access. Multiple Ethernet cards can be installed also for separated access to keep from bottle-necking or slow down. Remote access to the machine can also be setup if needed for “outside” access. I say this hesitantly because the goal is to not have anyone, “sitting” in front of this machine as it’s only for dedicated access of the database(s).

So ultimately, the cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of such a machine will usually save the end user about $1000 per workstation, with a mid-grade or even top-grade workstation/pc, and by weighing all the needs in favor of reliable performance.

I don’t like you! Yet.

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What makes customers want to leave? Or wish they never did business with you? I think we need to ask ourselves these questions because if we don’t know, we’re already in trouble.


Customer satisfaction starts with trust. Trust is built over time with actions based on… 1. integrity (moral and ethical decisions), 2. honesty (doing what you say you’re going to do),  and 3. caring (putting a high importance on the well-being of the other person). Why anyone would ever think that they can build anything solid without these attributes is beyond me. The business world is tough but we make it a lot tougher when we don’t build a foundation erected on these simple things.


I have had customers give me the keys to there business on the first day. I’ve had customers say, you can’t leave now because you’re family. I’ve had customers pay me thousands of dollars up front for the purchase of new equipment, before they even knew what they were getting. If that doesn’t say trust then I don’t know what does. And I certainly do not take that for granted. I have to be trustworthy to be trusted and that is something that’s built. How long that trust takes to be built is mostly on you. Or me. The person trying to build it. And it’s a never-ending process. I’ll be honest, I was not always that great at displaying trust, which had nothing to do with not being trustworthy but, more so, in not being confident in myself and not speaking from the heart.


So here are a few rules when building trust with your existing and new customers alike.

Show them you…

  1. Have their back. You’re going to take care of them.
  2. Are someone they can count on. You come through on your promises.
  3. Have their best interest in mind. You think of there needs and concerns.
  4. Won’t let them down. Even when mistakes happen, you figure out a plan to fix an issue.
  5. Take there needs seriously. Although you’re friendly and even funny to them sometimes, they know you’re serious about business.
  6. Are willing to help. You may not have all the answers, up front, but have no problem getting your hands dirty.
  7. Are on their team. My business may be Designs Connexion but, I become you (your business) when I’m there.

QUESTION: What is something you do to build trust with your customers and clients?

Backup Your Important Files

A computer hard drive can fail at any time. There are signs that it could be happening and your computer support person should be called immediately to mitigate the issue by taking quick action. So when a hard drive does fail, all your documents, pictures, music, and videos, can be lost and in many instances are unable to be recovered. If recoverable, many times it costs lots of money. Always make sure to have backups of all your important files just in case your hard drive dies.

Break the attack chain

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security brings all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one powerful solution. This multi-layer defense model breaks the attack chain by combining advanced malware detection and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, and exploit protection in a single platform.

Delivering multi-stage attack protection provides companies of all sizes, across all industries, around the globe the ability to stop an attacker at every step.

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