About Us

About UsDesigns Connexion (DX for short) is a multi-faceted company that was created out of the need for high quality services at a reasonable cost. We have been doing business since 2004 but officially created the name Designs Connexion in 2010. DX is currently a home-based business out of Grand Blanc, Michigan and services all of Genesee County and surrounding cities including some in Lapeer, Oakland, and Livingston Counties.

When we come to work for you, we become you. We make it our business to help your business. Every thought and action that we take when working with you is meant to move your business closer to your goal.

Designs Connexion can be broken down into four main categories. The beauty of these four categories is that they are inter-connected and can help companies market there businesses while maintaining branding consistency and also maintaining there equipment so that workflow is consistent, streamlined, and running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

The 4 Categories:

1. We supply quality and caring Computer Support Services that consist of anything from the standard break/fix/repair, virus control to hardware and software installs to full operating system loading. Plus Managed Services that can monitor and maintain your entire network and IT assets.

2. We offer Web Design Services that involve anything from new “out of the box” designs, templates, wordpress, custom databases, forms, etc…

3. We introduce Graphic Design Services consisting of branding, logos, publications, signs, posters, flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, etc…

Designs Connexion cares about our customers needs and support each of them to the best of our ability. We make a commitment to providing you with first-rate service. Service that is customized and personalized to fit your companies every need and desire to grow in this ever-changing fast paced media driven society that we live in today. Changing and growing is a major key to staying on top of the game and one your company can’t afford not to be a part of. Designs Connexion would love to be a part of helping make that happen for you.

To have effective and top-notch output, so that businesses can influence their communities, and to integrate with companies for mutual synergy and growth.

It’s our desire to excel in our field of expertise through trust and faithfulness. We adhere to a standard of excellence that all companies should because it is our belief that to be an influence in a company and in a community is a privilege and a benefit, not just a right.

Honesty and Integrity:
We’re a company that holds our self to these standards. You can’t be a positive influence without having these traits at your core foundation.

Quality of work:
We exert all our energy for this outcome. We believe in doing things right and doing them right the first time. Our goal is ultimately accomplished when we deliver a greater result to our clients than that which was originally expected of us.

Dependability and character:
It is our experience that people come to depend on you when you embody a belief system that shows forth every effort to deliver a high standard of excellence and you consistently perform on that level. We value holding ourselves to that capacity and consider it an honor in maintaining that level of commitment.

It is our central focus that this is how we define ourselves as a company. In everything we do, we make it our ultimate goal to have put in the attention to detail to make sure that we come across as a caring and excellence driven company.