In this digital age, we are constantly striving for better ways of marketing our business. Designs Connexions knows that to generate cash flow you have to market yourself well and, more importantly, get your name out there. One great way to do this is through multi-media (commercial spots, promotional videos, looping announcements, business presentations, web-streaming video, etc…). Because we are in the business of helping your business succeed, it just made sense for us to offer this service that is so widely used today. In addition, helping to install TV’s and media players around the office can also play a big part in your customers visual stimulation. So why not add yourself to the list of big name reputable companies that have the edge over others, simply because they have taken the steps necessary to be a force in there community in a “visual way”. Becoming more visible is definitely a good thing when marketed right and that’s why we’re here to help you achieve that.