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What makes customers want to leave? Or wish they never did business with you? I think we need to ask ourselves these questions because if we don’t know, we’re already in trouble.


Customer satisfaction starts with trust. Trust is built over time with actions based on… 1. integrity (moral and ethical decisions), 2. honesty (doing what you say you’re going to do),  and 3. caring (putting a high importance on the well-being of the other person). Why anyone would ever think that they can build anything solid without these attributes is beyond me. The business world is tough but we make it a lot tougher when we don’t build a foundation erected on these simple things.


I have had customers give me the keys to there business on the first day. I’ve had customers say, you can’t leave now because you’re family. I’ve had customers pay me thousands of dollars up front for the purchase of new equipment, before they even knew what they were getting. If that doesn’t say trust then I don’t know what does. And I certainly do not take that for granted. I have to be trustworthy to be trusted and that is something that’s built. How long that trust takes to be built is mostly on you. Or me. The person trying to build it. And it’s a never-ending process. I’ll be honest, I was not always that great at displaying trust, which had nothing to do with not being trustworthy but, more so, in not being confident in myself and not speaking from the heart.


So here are a few rules when building trust with your existing and new customers alike.

Show them you…

  1. Have their back. You’re going to take care of them.
  2. Are someone they can count on. You come through on your promises.
  3. Have their best interest in mind. You think of there needs and concerns.
  4. Won’t let them down. Even when mistakes happen, you figure out a plan to fix an issue.
  5. Take there needs seriously. Although you’re friendly and even funny to them sometimes, they know you’re serious about business.
  6. Are willing to help. You may not have all the answers, up front, but have no problem getting your hands dirty.
  7. Are on their team. My business may be Designs Connexion but, I become you (your business) when I’m there.

QUESTION: What is something you do to build trust with your customers and clients?

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